How To Root Android Mobile

Rooting Android Mobile Phones helps you to do many things which you are actually not able to do when you have a unroot phone. This basic Tutorial will help you to Root Android Mobile Phone without facing any issues or problems. In this guide we will tell you how easily you can root your Android Mobile Phone and have access to many premium apps for free and much more exciting things. You can root your Android Mobile with two of the ways. One of them is very common,i.e., with the help of Computers otherwise If you don’t have a Computer/Laptop then you can also root your directly without help of your PC/Laptop.

Today in our Tutorial on How To Root Android Mobile Phone we will be guiding on rooting your Android Mobile Phone without help of PC/Laptop.

More On Rooting – Entry To Android Problems?

Most of the time it happens that people think rooting Android Mobile Phone means providing a way to enter problems in your Mobile Phone whereas it isn’t like that. Many people are there who are using rooted Android Mobile Phone but are not facing any issues. Yes, the only problem which can be faced after rooting Android Phone Mobile is that your Phone warranty will be voided. However, you can also unroot your Mobile Phone whenever you want to. So, it doesn’t actually voids your Android Phone warranty fully.

How To Root Android Mobile – Major Question!

It is not that easy and even difficult to root any Android Mobile all you need to have is patience. If you have patience then you can easily Root any Android Mobile. To root Android below we have mentioned some of the best applications which are popular for one click root. You can use them for easy root android.

Below I will be covering up around 2 apps which can be used to Root Android Mobiles without facing any problems and creation of issue to your phone.

1.) Framaroot – It is one of the best and most popular One-Click-Root Software which can be used to root your Android Mobile Phone with a single click. This was developed by a member of XDA-Forum, to learn about the functioning of the application you must follow the guide present at end.

2.) KingRoot – KingRoot has just launched in the market and have become an popular One-Click-Root application. It create it’s own recipe to root Android Phones. KingRoot can help you to root any Android Mobile Phone. If you find that KingRoot is unable to Root Your Mobile then you can contact their support and they will create the root recipe for your Phone and mail you with further things. To see the rooting procedure you may follow the guide present below.

Guide – Root Android Mobile Phone

If you want to root your Android Mobile from any of the apps mentioned below then you should follow the steps given below to start the root procedure on your Phone but before we start rooting make sure that your phone is 80% charged.

  • Step 1 : First, you will be required to Download any of the apps mentioned above. Once you have downloaded any of the app mentioned above then you will be required to download SuperSU from Google Play Store. After downloading both the softwares you can proceed for the next step.
  • Step 2 : Now, You will be required open the download application(Root Application). Once you have opened it. You will be able to see a option to Root Your Mobile in Framaroot and Find the recipe to root your Android Phone in Kingroot respectively.
  • Step 3 : Once, you have clicked on them the rooting process will start. Until your phone root it might be possible that your phone will flash 2-3 times.
  • Step 4 : Once you’re able to see your Phone’s Home screen again then you will need to restart your Mobile in order to complete the root procedure.

So, this was Guide on How To Root Android Mobile Phone easily without facing any issues.

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Updated: September 12, 2016 — 3:45 pm

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