How To Root Android Mobile Without PC

How To Root Android Mobile Without PC

Rooting Android Device has become much popular these days and everyone wants to root their Mobile Phones but no one wants to face the difficulties of manual rooting with PC. So, Many of the software companies tried their best to develop Android Rooting app which are used by million of Android Users just to root and unroot their Android Mobiles without facing the difficulties caused by PC. In this ERA of advanced technology you will find a lot of apps which helps to root your phone with one click. These apps are known as “One Click Root “Applications”.

As mentioned above there many Rooting apps available to root your mobile but you don’t among these which are actually good and you should use to root your Android Device. Before listing the best 3 Apps to Root Android Without PC, you must read the features of rooting Android Device just below.

Features : Is Rooting Android Good?

  • Once you have rooted your Android Mobile you have access to your root files which means you can give root access to any app whosoever asks it for. Do you once you root your Android Mobile you can remove the pre-installed applications in your Phone to free up some of the space for new apps.
  • After rooting your Android Device you will also be able to Upgrade your Android Version by directly downloading the latest SDK available on the official website. Once download you can follow the steps given on the site from where you have downloaded the SDK file.
  • After you have a rooted Android Device you can use apps to minimize the usage of RAM which will help your phone to run faster than before. Limiting the usage of RAM also helps the phone not to lag while playing games or chatting online.

Apps To Root Android Mobile Without PC – Best 3

  • Framaroot : It is one of the best application to root your Android Mobile. It can help you to root any of the mobile, This app was developed by one of the senior members of XDA Developers. To use this app you will be required to download SuperSu from Google Play Store and Framaroot from here. After Download Completes open Framaroot and click on “Root” that’s all.
  • KingRoot : This is a new application which is being loved by many of the Android Users rooting their Mobiles. It has it’s own solution to root any of the Android Phone, Just in case it is unable to root Your Mobile it ask you to submit a request to find the root recipe for your Mobile. To use this application for rooting purpose you will be required to download it from here. Once downloaded, open the app and it will start exploring root if you don’t have root access then it ask your start “Root“. Once you click on it your device will be rooted within 5 minutes. That’s it.
  • King-O-Root : KingoRoot is another amazing application which helps you to root your Android Device within minutes with the help of One Click Root System. To use this application you will be first needed to download it from here. Once you have downloaded it make sure to run the App. Now, Inside application you will see that it automatically searches if your phone is rooted. If it isn’t rooted it gives a message to root your Phone by clicking on “One Click Root“. If you click on it then the root process starts without any problems.

Note : While your phone is under rooting process you will be required to keep it on charge mode as well as your phone might start a numerous times under root process. One more tip, you should restart your phone once the root process ends with the main screen of your Phone.

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Updated: September 14, 2016 — 8:03 am

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